War On Terror

‘Al-Shabaab’ militants raid AP camp in Arabia, Kenya

Unknown number of police officers were killed when suspected Al-Shabaab militants attacked an Administration Police camp in Mandera. The Thursday 1.25am raid happened at the

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Qeybta War On Terror

Kenya: 38 university students injured in attack scare.

NAIROBI, Kenya — At least 38 university students were injured Friday near Nairobi after they mistook screams from a fellow student for signs of an

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War On Terror Archives

UN envoy decries use of child soldiers by Somali militants.
- Mar 27, 2016
MOGADISHU -- The UN top envoy for Somalia has decried the use of child soldiers by the Islamist Al-Shabaab militant in their attacks in the Horn of Africa nation. In a ...
The west’s Islamophobia is only helping the Islamic State.
- Mar 25, 2016
The "war on terror" was supposed to contain violence, but the whole world is a battlefield now. The promise of the “global war on terror” was that “it was better to ...
African Force in Somalia Urges More Support for Al-Qaeda Battle.
- Mar 18, 2016
The African mission battling al-Qaeda-linked militants in Somalia needs more support during a critical stage, making it the wrong time to cut international funding, a spokesman said. A European Union plan ...
Somalia militant group Shabab keeps bouncing back from attacks.
- Mar 9, 2016
As U.S. forces scramble to confront militant groups across Africa, the Shabab, the Somali terrorist group targeted in a weekend attack north of Mogadishu, remains a nimble, formidable threat to ...
Mpls. man who pleaded guilty to threatening agents is released from jail.
- Mar 9, 2016
When a judge ordered Khaalid Abdulkadir to be released from jail, some of the young man's relatives broke down in tears. Abdulkadir's aunt used her overflowing headscarf to wipe away the ...
Somali cattle herder describes US airstrike on al-Shabaab training camp.
- Mar 9, 2016
‘It was like a burnt house. Al-Shabaab fighters were collecting dead bodies’ Islamist group confirms attack but says death toll of 150 is exaggerated A local cattle herder has given the first ...
Somali terror group al-Shabab’s ambitions grow.
- Mar 9, 2016
Somalia's al-Shabab movement is emerging as one of the most loyal — and lethal — al-Qaida affiliates, even as the Islamic State expands its reach in the region, according to ...
East Africa’s Shebab ‘can survive for 30 years’.
- Mar 4, 2016
On a Sunday afternoon in late February a car exploded outside a crowded restaurant in Baidoa, Somalia, and moments later a suicide bomber blew himself up among fleeing survivors. At least ...

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